waiting for people to change

One of the best things that I ever did for myself was no longer waiting for people to change. Instead I focused on changing myself and the things that I did not like about myself and my life.

I wanted to go to the gym and lose the last 60 pounds I still had to lose after having lost 170 pounds without a gym membership. I wanted to lose that weight as well as tone up and get some muscles going. I wanted my body to be strong and I wanted to up my health game.

My buddy said he also wanted to re join the gym and so we planned to go together. And I waited… and waited… and waited for him to finally be ready to go but he was never able to give me a straight answer on when we could go to the gym

Finally I just realized “what am I waiting for? I can hit the gym on my own. I’ve never had a work out buddy before anyways” so I grabbed my gym gear, walked the 15 mins to the gym (yes it’s that close) and signed up.

I started working out that very day. I now go to the gym Monday to Friday and lift weights and do a bit of cardio. I’ve lost 15 more pounds since then and I am even closer to my goal.

And my gym buddy? He ended up signing up a few weeks later but he only goes 3 days a week.

I learned a very important lesson from this. Stop waiting for other people! This is your life! If you want something go and get it! If you want to do something go and do it! If you wait for others you may wait FOREVER! Grab life by the balls and get out there and live it! Go for your dreams! Make Goals and achieve them! Do it now!

Has waiting for someone kept you from doing something? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

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  1. Hey Michelle!!!
    Its definetly happened to me, where I depended on waiting for someone to join me in walking, or the gym. I would text them saying “wanna go for a walk?” And I would wait, and the longer I waited the less motivation id have in stepping out that door and get the move on. I felt like that poor skeleton sitting on the bench, waiting for someone to come along and hold my hand to take that step into the gym. I put my life on hold so many times, waiting for people. And it got me nowhere. Great words!

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