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Lessons From The Weight Room. Getting My A$$ Kicked At The Gym

How to lose weight naturally is what it’s all about. And getting strong and fit are goals I want to achieve this year. Especially since I am going to be having skin removal surgery in 2017 I want to lose fat and gain muscle to make the whole thing go smoothly. Therefore I go to the gym. I started in early 2016 but even before I started going I loved watching Strength Camp with Elliott Hulse, the Buff Dudes, Mike Rashid, TwinMuscleWorkout and Gabriel Sey, just to name a few channels (and I highly recommend that you watch their channels because they are amazing!) and I even watched bodybuilding documentaries.

However I am a total beginner and strength training is something else. Those guys have been lifting weights for years and lets just say I am nowhere near as strong as they are… yet anyways. But I’ve got to start with the basics and I learned a valuable lesson at the gym about building muscle the right way!

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How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals!

How to lose weight fast. How to lose weight permanently! How to achieve your goals.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is so true. If you want to achieve a goal you are going to have to work at it. And this means having a detailed plan on how you are going to achieve your goals.

To achieve your dreams, you need to be motivated to go after your dreams. If you listen to Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Tyrese Gibson, Jim Rohn, ET the Hip Hop Preacher or any number of other great motivational speakers, they all tell you that you need to have a plan. You need to work at it every day. You can’t just wait on the law of attraction to hand you your dreams you have to make them happen using the law of attraction. If you want to be successful in life you need to put in the time and the effort. You can do it!

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How To Get The Life Of Your Dreams!

Live the life of your dreams. This is what life is all about. We were not born to go to a job we don’t really like, just to get a paycheque that isn’t enough to enjoy life the way we want to. We were not meant to go to work 5 days a week just to get 2 days off. And what about those measly 2-4 weeks of vacation time? What a joke! That is not why we were born! We have been led to believe a lie. We can have so much more! We can live our dreams. Not just fantasize about them!

But in order to live the life of your dreams you need to…

Take action! Motivation is great, and there are some really great people out there that have helped me along my journey. People like
Prince Ea
Bob Proctor
Dave Ramsey
Tony Robbins
Wayne Dyer
Louise Hay
Doreen Virtue
Eckhart Tolle
Jim Rohn
Tyrese Gibson
Les Brown
Eric Thomas the ET The HipHop Preacher
Tai Lopez
Dale Carnegie
Napoleon Hill
Brain Tracy

and the list goes on. I recommend that you look them up and let them inspire you. But all of that won’t help you if YOU don’t take action. Go out there and make it happen! It’s your life, go and live it!

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Nutrition Labels And Weight Loss. You Are Being Deceived!

Nutrition labels lie to you and prevent you from losing weight!

At some point in your life I’m sure that you have switched to eating “regular” food to eating low fat, diet, zero calorie foods. You did this because you wanted to lose weight and you believe that less calories means weight loss. That is actually not true! The food industry knows that the public believes this, so they supply the demand.

Now, if the low calorie food tastes like crap they would not be able to sell it and they are in the business of selling food so they found a few solutions to their problems. First, they add lots of sugar to the food. This makes it taste better and it makes it addictive too.

But then people started getting wise to the sugar ploy so they started changing it’s name on the food labels. To date I have found 85 different alias for sugar on my food labels.

And then the latest trick I discovered, is that they put no added sugar and unsweetened on the labels, put 0 grams of sugar on the nutrition label, making you think you are safe. But if you read the ingredient list sugar is on the label! Sometimes more than once!

They are lying to us in order to keep us addicted to their food! They are telling us they want to help us lose weight, while actually actively preventing it! It’s disgusting! And it needs to be stopped.

Unfortunately this is quite the undertaking, so the best thing you can do for now it learn the different alias’ of sugar and to read the ingredient list on anything you think is good for you to find out the truth.

But the ultimate best thing you can do, is to eat processed foods as little as possible.

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