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How Your Thinking And Your Attitude Shape Your Reality

What you think you become. Truer words have never been spoken. What you think is so important to building and living the quality life that you want.

If you always think I can’t do this or I am stupid then you are right. You can’t do it and you are stupid. You make that your reality. But if you change your thinking, your will change your reality and you will be able to do anything.

Believe in yourself! Encourage yourself! You have to understand that your thoughts shape your reality and if you think negative then you will get negative, but if you think positive then you will get positive.

If you want the life you have always dreamed of you need to change your thinking because if you stick with your old ways of thinking and your old attitude then you will get what you have always gotten.

Change your thinking and it will change your life. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer said it so well. I highly encourage you to listen to his work and read his books.

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Haters Gonna Hate. Let Em! Go After Your Dreams!

Haters gonna hate. That is just a fact of life.

Why would you listen to someone who gave up on their dreams tell you that you can’t get your dreams? It’s crazy. Let them hate, You go get your dreams. Make it happen! Go and get a life that most people will only ever dream of. You will go and make it happen!

Do you think that any successful person out there was not told over and over again to give up? Do you think that people like
Taylor Swift
Mark Cuban
Donald Trump
Les Brown
Bill Gates
Mark Zuckerberg
Warren Buffett
Jim Rohn
Brain Tracy
Bob Proctor
Steve Harvey
Dr. Dre
Louise Hay
Eric Thomas aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher
just to name a few, got where they are today without people telling them they were never going to succeed?  Heck no. Haters are gonna hate, your job is to keep going after your dreams. Live your dream life!

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Reprogram Your Mind For Incredible Success

Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool and you can train it to think in ways that will completely transform your life.
What you think, you become. What you believe, becomes true.

The law of attraction really works. You can manifest anything you want if you reprogram your mind. You will start to have ideas and inspiration that are pointing you towards your dreams and you can start taking action and your life will change.

You have the power and the ability to change your life! It’s in you! It’s harnessing the power of your mind and using the law of attraction and taking action on your goals and dreams that will get you the life you are dreaming of!

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Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Achieving your Dreams!

Follow your dreams! Live your life! Things can and probably will go wrong and you need to act anyways. If you want to change your life you need to take massive action and not let anything get in your way of achieving your dreams. If you let small things stop you from achieving your dreams you will never get anywhere.

If you listen to the greats like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn they all tell you the same thing. Get out there and make it happen! Nobody is going to hand you your dreams you need to work for them and if you let little things stop you, you will never get anywhere in life and you will never get to life a great life.

I’ve learned this along my journey and I want you to go out there and live the life you want to live so I am sharing everything I have learned with you.

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I Am No Longer Fear’s B*tch!

Turn fear into actionIt’s official! I am a published author! My first book The 3 Day Total Detox Cleanse went live on Amazon yesterday. I’m over the moon! I actually finished the book back in November 2015 but let fear stop me from taking the actions necessary to publish it. I kept procrastinating and making excuses and not getting the work done. And so my book just sat on my computer.

I’ve been giving my life a hard look these last few weeks and realized that I am never going to live the life of my dreams if I don’t take massive action and kick fear right in the pants. So I finally kicked it into gear. What I’d been procrastinating over for months I did in only 2 days of hard work and today I am a published author.

Granted, a lot more work has to be done and I’ve yet to sell a single book, but the point is I’m taking action. Too many of us let our dreams pass us by because we are afraid. Fear can only stop us if we let it and I for one am no longer Fear’s B*tch. I’m done. From now on I’m going for my dreams.

I heard once, that the saddest part of death is not the death of the person, but the death of all the dreams that person went to the grave with. All the things they wanted to do but never did. Write a book, start a business, travel the world. And I realized that is true. I have so much to give and so much I want to do and I’m not keeping it inside anymore.

Fear will no longer control me. I will use fear and I will turn it into action. It will be the fuel that drives me towards my goals and dreams.

What goals and dreams do you have that fear has been keeping you from going after?