I may not be perfect but I'm

Perfectly Me Today

Perfectly Me Today.

This has been my mantra for many years now.

In 2011 I was overweight, depressed and miserable in every way. 

I hit bottom that year and I knew I could not go on like this anymore. I could give up or rise up.

I chose to change my life. And to do that I had to change myself. I embarked on a journey that year, a journey of discovery, acceptance and self love.

By 2013 I had made so much progress in my life. I was happier than I had ever been and I loved myself. I wasn't perfect, but I loved the person I had become and was embracing the journey that I was on.

In 2013 I weighed nearly 400 lbs, maybe even more, I wasn't exactly friendly with my bathroom scale to be honest. I was changing and I loved myself but I was not happy with my health. It was time to address that issue in my life.

Over the next few years I started to drop the excess weight. 5 years later I had gone from 382 lbs to 160 lbs.

The key to my success was learning to love myself. Every day, no matter what. 



July 12, 2018

Wayne Dyer said Change your thoughts, change your life and he was right. 7 years ago I started a journey that completely changed my life. From wanting to end my life and weighing nearly 400 lbs, to embracing everyday and weighing a healthy 160 lbs I learned that your m...

May 10, 2018

So yeah, I switched to a new website platform and forgot to back up my website before moving my domain name. Bye-bye all my blog posts lol. Live and learn am I right?

So, today I am starting over. I decided to kick off my new blog with my daily video blog from my first...

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