A Fresh Start!

So yeah, I switched to a new website platform and forgot to back up my website before moving my domain name. Bye-bye all my blog posts lol. Live and learn am I right?

So, today I am starting over. I decided to kick off my new blog with my daily video blog from my first skin removal surgeries. For those of you that are new to my site and who haven’t yet subscribed to me on YouTube let me catch you up real quick.

Since 2013 I have lost, and kept off over 222 lbs. I went from nearly 400 lbs down to 160 lbs and was left with folds of loose skin all over my body. I had the first of my skin removal surgeries back in Oct 2017. I traveled abroad to Mexico and had my arms, stomach and breasts done by an amazing plastic surgeon. I was there for 2 weeks and during that time I kept a daily vlog to document the experience and shared it on my YouTube channel, also called Perfectly Me Today.

I decided to re-start my blog with this video, because in less than 2 weeks I will be back in Mexico to have my second skin removal surgery. I will be returning to my awesome plastic surgeon to have my thighs done. This is going to be my biggest surgery because I carried most of my weight in my legs and they are massive! It is such a big job that he will not even be doing my whole legs. Just the thighs and the bottom part of my butt.

I am SO EXCITED! This is the surgery I have been waiting for and I cannot wait to be free of all this skin! I will be vlogging that experience as well so stay tuned! But for now, enjoy my vlog!

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